Combining Art with Self-Care

In our free art club, we give you our favorite bits and pieces of our art membership and our top favorite lessons from our artist community.

You'll get:

A getting started and materials series.

A five day watercolor turtle challenge.

A watercolor skills drill lesson

An "Identity" Art Journal download and creative process video.

A musical, therapeutic art exercise. 

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Getting Started with Watercolor and Art Journaling

If this is your first experiece with watercolor, mixed media or art journaling, we want you to feel confident while moving forward.

We'll guide you through materials (with Amazon links), and give you all the information you need to get started WITHOUT overwhelm.

Watercolor Turtle Five Day Challenge

This five day challenge goes down as a top favorite in our community of artists. Completing bits and pieces each day, the five day challenge makes this easy to finish and see tangible growth in your watercolor skills.

Identity Art Journal

If you've lost sight of who you are, this is a fun, creative way to bring back some feeling of identity and purpose. Completing this activity also enters you to win a free year of our Art Membership.

Music Wish Tutorial

Featured in our Therapeutic Art section, this is a favorite inside our Art Membership. Let go of any worries or expectations and let the music guide your paintbrush.

Watercolor Skills Drill

A fun, easy exercise that teaches masking fluid, watercolor washes, gradients, color blending and the line and wash technique. This is a light lesson, packed with foundational watercolor principles. 

Join the Free Art Club

Start a new hobby, something just for you!