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At Sketched and Sealed, we blend art and mental health. Naturally, our weekly content reflects that. We'd love if you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Podcast, Safely Spoken.

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My Story

In 2016, I nearly lost my life to postpartum depression and was admitted on a suicide watch. 

While admitted, I found a natural love and talent for art. That was the first time I realized I could use art to help me heal.

Now I'm currently completeing my bachelors degree in Fine Art Education, with a minor in Psycology. I eventually want to go on to complete my Masters in Art Therapy.

The purpose behind Sketched and Sealed is to share the healing powers art has on our mental health. 

The Safely Spoken Podcast is an extension of that. It's a safe place to talk about real life and real emotions.

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We are combining self care and art. We guide you through overwhelming emotions, help you find balance within yourself and encourage creative freedom through artistic expression and experimentation.

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